Our honey

As we have said, we choose unpolluted areas for our hives, we harvest the honey using traditional methods that respect bees, and we do not use chemicals. We operate in this way, because we wish to respect the environment and biodiversity, the basis for our work and our daily lives.

But to achieve a product which is 100% eco-friendly, one last step is needed before it is sold to the customer: an analysis of the honey. At OLAYA MIEL we have the certifications to show that our product HAS NO TYPE OF RESIDUES. 0% residues 100% traditional honey. Because besides assuring you that you will love it, we care about you and your health.

Honey cream

What is so special

about creamed honey?

When honey is harvested, it is found in a liquid state, and with time, it crystallizes. The more familiar texture of the honey we find in most supermarkets is obtained through a heating process that lowers the quality of the honey and results in a loss of its properties, its taste, and its fragrance.

At Olaya Miel, we use a unique technique that enables us to avoid heating the product and reducing its quality. We use a cold spin process by which we stir and whip the honey to break the crystallization and achieve a smooth texture similar to that of butter.